Why you need to turn-off this great iOS 9 feature


If you’re an iPhone user chances are you have already updated to the latest iOS version.

With iOS9, Apple has added a new great feature called Wi-Fi Assist. Enabled by default, it would instantly switch to your cellular data when Wi-Fi is erratic thus giving you a seamless internet connection. Here in the Ph however, where data is expensive, it is but wise to switch this feature off to avoid incurring additional charges in your next bill.

It’s easy to turn this feature off, just go to Settings > Cellular, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page then turn off Wi-Fi Assist.



Mystery gadget of the week.


Guess what’s this?

Acer Iconia W4


Watch Future Perfect on ANC every Wednesday at 7pm. This week we will talk about the Acer Iconia W4, a Windows 8.1 device — a tablet-laptop hybrid.

Tempo Smart Thermometer


Tempo Bluetooth Smart Thermometer could measure, record and store temperature. It could also alert users when it’s too hot or too cold. Ideal for nurseries and server rooms. It’s water resistant and supports iOS and Android devices. Powered by two AA batteries that could last upbto one year.  Range is up to 75 meters, you can setup multiple units around the house or office where you want to monitor temperature.

Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung announced today the the 5th generation of the Galaxy S series,  the Galaxy S5. It now comes with a fingerprint scanner for biometric screen locking and safe mobile payment.

Video Headphones


The Vuzix V720 is a high-performance headphone combined with HD video screens that provide a huge fold-up 720p display to immerse the viewer in an incredibly detailed, lifelike video experience that is like watching an IMAX movie. Ideal for games or movies which can be enjoyed with great audio, the V720 can even be used as a desktop display replacement. The V720 video headphones easily connect to PCs, mobile phones, tablets and game consoles and provides full support for 3D HDMI content.